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Canister Managment

Creating and Managing Canister

Home Screen

Creation of Canister

  • Go to "Dashboard" from
  • Click on "Create New Canister"

    Create New Canister

  • Type in name for canister and hit "Create"

    Unique Name

  • New Canister Created

    Canister in logs

Managing Canister

  • Click on “Canisters”


  • We will choose and click in canister from the canister list that we want to manage

    Canisters List

    • There are number of operation that can be performed on canister:
      • Manually starting and stopping canister
      • Install WASM
      • View our canister in CandidUI
      • Manually topping up cycles
      • See the detail logs

    Canisters Details

Manually starting and stopping canister

  • There is an option for manually starting and stopping your canister

    Manual Running

Install WebAssembly file

  • Click on "Install WASM"

    Installing WebAssembly

  • Click on "Choose" and choose the WASM file that you want to install and hit "Install"

    Choose WASM file

  • You will see that initially, Module Hash is N/A

    Module Hash N/A

  • Hit the refresh button

    Module Hash N/A

  • After Refresh, you will receive a hash-code, Implies that the WASM file is successfully installed!

    Module HashCode

View in CandidUI

  • You can also view canister on Candid UI by clicking on ”View in Candid UI”

    Candid UI

  • Click on URL

    View in Candid UI

Manually topping up cycles

  • We can also manually top-up the cycles

    • Click on "Add Cycles"


    • Enter the amount by which you want to top-up

      Topping Up cycles

    • Press "TOP UP"

    • Hit "Refresh"

      Refresh Button

    • The Top up amount will be reflected in cycles

      Reflected Value

See the Detail Logs