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Static Site Deployment on the Internet Computer Services

Home Screen

  • We will click on “Dashboard” of, and “Sign in with Google”

    Sign in with Google

  • Click on “Create DApp” and “Static Website”


  • Connect our GitHub account

    Connect with GitHub

  • Choose the repository of the project you want to deploy and "Connect" it


  • Configuring the deployment


  • Name: We will give our website, a unique name

  • Build Command: In build command, we should specify the command to run, to build our site.

    Ex: npm install && npm run build

    Ex: yarn && yarn run build

  • Publish Directory: Publish Directory is the directory (relative to the root of your project) that contains the deploy ready HTML files and assets generated by the build.

    Ex: ./build

    Build Parameter

  • Click on “Deploy”

    Click Deploy

  • Our Static Website is Deployed, click on this URL (shown by arrow)


  • Our website is up and running! :)